Wolfgang Tillmans

Softcover | First Edition | 128 pages

Published by Walther Konig, 1997.

This is the true first edition of Wolfgang Tillmans’ iconic, photobook which has been reproduced over multiple editions since its initial release.

With no text other than the inner-front flap’s description, Tillmans’ iconic book consists of 62 color photographs of the Concorde airplane—taking off, landing or in flight, and sometimes as just a tiny, birdlike silhouette in the sky. The photographs speak of both the beauty and the environmental devastation produced by this fabled French/British airplane, both sides of which Tillmans captures in his casual yet formally elegant signature style.

 “Concorde is perhaps the last example of a techno-utopian invention from the sixties still to be operating and fully functioning today. It's futuristic shape, speed and ear-numbing thunder grabs people's imagination today as much as it did when it first took off in 1969. It's an environmental nightmare conceived in 1962 when technology and progress was the answer to everything and the sky was no longer a limit. “  - Wolfgang Tillmans 

Condition: very good (natural wear to first title page + discolouration from age)