Eight Ball

Keith Haring

Hardcover | First Edition | Unpaginated

Published by Art Random & Kyoto Shoin, 1989

A very rare and unique project from Haring, made as part of the ‘ArT RANDOM’ book series.

“This book comes at a time in my life when I am searching for answers. Having spent thirty years here, each day seems to provide only more questions. This book is a testament to that search.

It was constructed like a kind of game. First, I went through drawers full of old mementos, newspaper clippings and drawings that I had saved and found ones that were particularly interesting to me. Then, they were randomly glued onto the 20 sheets of paper which had each been measured to correspond to the size of a double-page spread in the book.

After this, I painted the paper with red and green guache. Finally, with black sumi ink, I “finished” each of the drawings. [...]

This book is about the mysteries of love, life, death, and art (not necessarily in that order). It attempts to reveal certain truths. However, as I have found in my own life, each revelation brings with it many more new questions. After 30 years, I am exactly at the same point where I started.” – Keith Haring

Condition: excellent