Michael Wolf

Hardcover | First edition of 300 copies | 72 pages

Published by Peperoni Books, 2011.

"Michael WOLF's well-known Street View works deal with the automatically produced flood of images that is spread via 'Google' over the Internet, and join in his oeuvre, which deals with the conditions of modern urban life.

As for 'A Series Of Unfortunate Events', Michael WOLF also uses the image pool of the 'Google' tool as the source material for his own images for 'FY'. In his research he has now come across a global mass phenomenon.

You may think what you want through 'Google Street View', it always has a good thing. Because unmistakably inspired Street View worldwide young and old from all walks of life to spontaneous finger exercises. The gymnastic figures are presented in very different ways.

Young men in baseball caps and Adidas outfits work loosely, car and bicycle riders show off their skills casually en passant, business people wearing ties and collars tend to be highly concentrated and with their arms outstretched, earning first-rate posture marks, in the workers' milieu For the most part, the upward swing variant with half sideways rotation is preferred.
Almost acrobatic are the recently encountered 'Double Fuck You' figures, which are executed from the hollow cross or bent over."

Condition: Very good