Farewell to Bosnia

Gilles Peress

Hardcover | First edition | 168 pages

Published by Scalo, 1994.

Peress spent three months in central Bosnia, Tuzla, Mostar, and Sarajevo during 1993, his photographs show the pain, death, and destruction caused by the war there. 'Here starts the curse of history, an illness that may not be so personal anymore. It may be a very European disease, after all, with a double-edged nature: you are damned if you remember condemned to re-live, re-enact the images of your fathers; you are damned if you don't condemned to repeat their hypocrisy, he writes. Peress joined Magnum Photos in 1971 and has since served as vice-president three times and twice as president of the cooperative.

The work was initiated by Francois Hers, who was familiar with Peress' ongoing project about the reemerging patterns of hate and discrimination in Europe - "Hate Thy Brother" - and who, because of his contacts in Bosnia, felt the urgency to have a visual documentation of what was happening in the Balkans.

Condition: very good