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Girls Blue



Softcover | Out of print | 126 pages

Published by Rockin’ On, 1996.

A classic first monograph from Japanese photographer, Hiromix, showcasing her signature snapshot style images of teenage life in Japan. The work first earned the photographer her fame and the attention from photographic predessors such as Nobuyoshi Araki. 

"The lifestyle documented in Girls Blue is determindely upbeat, focusing on the pop-consumerism of the young urbanite of relative affluence - a lifestyle dominated by clothes, shopping malls, fast-food outlets, and young men, to which Hiromix, like her subjects, clearly subscribes. ... But Hiromix, whose photographic voice is an unusually empathetic one, is unrepentant. Her comment on the book's jacket shows all the arrogance of youth: 'Photography is the place where I can express all ... I feel and think in my everyday life. It would not be understood by grown-ups or kids – only we can see what it is.'"  - Garry Badger (The Photobook: A History volume I, Hiromix)

Condition: Good (some creasing + wear to dust cover and obi)