Tulsa (Japanese Edition)

Larry Clark

Hardcover | First edition of 1,000 | 64 pages

Published by Taka Ishii Gallery, 1996.

This is the Japanese edition of Larry Clark's iconic photobook, Tulsa.

“Larry Clark stumbled into the New York art scene in 1971 when he published Tulsa, a limited edition art book featuring documentary photographs of himself and his degenerate friends shot over an eight-year period (1963-1971). Tulsa is a collection of grainy, black and white images taken by Clark in his 20’s while hanging out with local teenagers shooting meth-amphetamine, posing with guns, and having sex. Clark has described the scene in simple terms: ‘We all took a lot of drugs; my friends got into crime, and I was kind of an outlaw back in that period myself…’

When Tulsa first appeared in 1971, the graphic depictions of sex, violence and drug abuse by the youth of Oklahoma were acclaimed by critics for exposing the reality of American suburban life at the fringe and for shattering long-held mythical conventions that drugs and violence were an experience solely indicative of the urban landscape. These raw, sometimes morbid images were taken in three series of shoots in 1963, 1968 and 1971, and reveal a youth culture progressively overwhelmed by self-destruction.”
(from Pavement Magazine)

Condition: very good (minor edge discolouration + original protective plastic that was taped to the inside of the dust cover has now stained over time)